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Making Pharmacy Accessible for Everyone

At OneroRx, we are dedicated to restoring quality, affordable pharmacy care to underserved communities.

There is not a pharmacy within reach for many Americans, either because the locally-owned pharmacy has shuttered or a chain pharmacy has moved out of the area. In fact, recent research indicates that there may be nearly 100 million Americans without sufficient access to a nearby neighborhood pharmacy.


These individuals live in what is known as a "Pharmacy Desert." Like "food deserts" where it is difficult to buy affordable or good-quality fresh food, "pharmacy deserts" exist in communities lacking easy access to prescription medications and pharmacy advice.

Without this access, residents in these communities face significant obstacles to obtaining vital prescription medications and accessing much-needed information relating to drug interactions, dosage, and potential side effects.

We currently provide personalized, quality pharmacy care to more than 200,000 customers in urban communities and rural areas from 64 pharmacies across six states. Our teams are focused on more than just filling prescriptions; they strive to provide an enhanced level of care to each patient that trust them with their health.

Our efficient telepharmacy operations enable us to re-establish pharmacy care in these neglected markets, immediately and positively impacting community health and wellness. 

Who We Are

Our management team has many decades of experience in founding, leading, and growing businesses within the healthcare industry. We take great pride in each of our team members and what they do for OneroRx. Click the button below to see more about our team.

We believe that quality pharmacy care is so much more than simple prescription fulfillment. Many of today's consumers rely on their pharmacist to be a trusted source of medical and pharmaceutical information. We offer a holistic and integrated approach to pharmacy patient care that combines telepharmacy services, prescription counseling, medication delivery, and a digital e-commerce platform to meet the pharmaceutical and healthcare needs of underserved communities.

As a leading provider of pharmacy and telepharmacy services, we provide a pharmacy lifeline to those living in urban communities and rural areas without access to a neighborhood drugstore, the "pharmacy deserts." To do this effectively, we have built up a group of pharmacies that can support one another — pharmacy "hubs" that can provide resources to the telepharmacy "spokes" that would likely be without any local care otherwise.


Our unique business model is able to profitably serve this market by leveraging technology through our innovative hub and spoke model.

Our Strategy

Integrated pharmacy services for those who need it most

Social Responsibility

For OneroRx, corporate social responsibility is at the core of our mission: We provide integrated pharmacy services to promote patient health and wellness in underserved communities.

We understand the value of the patient-pharmacist relationship and how vital a local pharmacy is to the health of a community. That is why we are solely dedicated to reducing the void in pharmacy patient care that exists today in many rural areas and urban communities.

By re-establishing pharmacy care in these markets, we immediately and positively impact the communities in which we operate, promoting the health and wellness of those most in need.

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