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Local Health Pharmacy: 7 Locations

Local Health Pharmacy operates three community pharmacies and four telepharmacies across Illinois. As the original stores owned by OneroRx, this group is central to the values of the business as a whole. The "hub and spoke" model of telepharmacies and supervising pharmacies allows these locations to reach under-served communities sometimes referred to as "pharmacy deserts".

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GRX Holdings: 24 Locations

GRX Holdings owns 22 community pharmacy locations in Iowa, serving both urban and rural communities across 12 counties. Their focus has always been offering patients an enhanced level of care, not just putting pills in bottles. They also operate a closed-door long term care pharmacy that serves central Iowa and a compounding pharmacy that serves Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Missouri.​

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Bristol Pharmacy

Located inside Harding's Market, Bristol Pharmacy serves the local community in Bristol, IN. Operating from inside a market provides patients with easy access to needed prescriptions and their pharmacist.

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Clio Road Pharmacy

Operating since 2003, Clio Road Pharmacy serves the local community in Flint, MI. Providing easy access to needed prescriptions and vaccines, this location is an asset to the city.

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Community Pharmacy: 6 Locations

Community Pharmacy is a group of rural pharmacies located in north central Iowa. There are three community pharmacies and three telepharmacies, with the entire group having a close relationship with the local hospital and clinic systems.

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Medley Pharmacy: 19 Locations

Medley Pharmacy, Inc has been serving patients in central Missouri for more than 40 years. Their 17 community pharmacy locations, one closed door LTC pharmacy, and one DME store are spread across 12 counties under six brands. Across the company, they focus on offering high-quality healthcare with hometown service.

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Local Health Specialty: 2 Locations

Juniper Pharmacy and Lee's Summit Pharmacy are part of Local Health Specialty, working to increase patient access to high-cost therapies through financial assistance. Juniper Pharmacy is located in Saint Louis while Lee's Summit Pharmacy is in the Kansas City area. Both help serve patients across Missouri with individualized care.

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Peterson Pharmacy

Operating since 1991, Peterson Pharmacy serves Hillsboro, WI, and the surrounding communities. Their patients have long-appreciated the "can help and will help" mentality of the Peterson team.

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Wood River Pharmacy

Wood River Pharmacy has been serving Grantsberg and the nearby communities since 1972. With a wide range of pharmacy services, this location is an asset to northwestern Wisconsin.

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Curative Shop: Warehoused in Iowa

Under the Curative Shop umbrella, OneroRx owns BioActive Nutrients, a vitamin line, and CAMFormulas, a vitamin and supplement wholesaler. They are also the exclusive U.S. distributer for Apiceuticals, a premium beauty and skincare line made with Greek beeswax and honey.

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Local Health Specialty

Willowbrook Pharmacy, part of Local Health Specialty Pharmacy, works to increase patient access to high-cost therapies through financial assistance. Located in the Indianapolis area, Willowbrook Pharmacy can fill prescriptions all across Indiana.

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