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What We Offer

Similar to a virtual doctor visit, a telepharmacy consultation utilizes video conferencing technology via mobile phone, tablet, or computer to provide essential pharmacy services at the customer's convenience.

Through a virtual connection to our licensed pharmacists or pharmacy technicians, we offer personalized pharmacy patient care and counseling in an efficient and cost effective manner. We also offer in-person consultation, where patients can speak directly with a pharmacy technician or connect via video conference with one of our licensed pharmacist.

Following an in-person or video pharmacy consultation, patient prescriptions can be picked up on-site or delivered.

Telepharmacy Services

Virtual Consultation

  • An efficient virtual consultation process

  • Cost-effective solution for managing overhead

  • No proprietary technology needed; connect via video conferencing

Personalized Care

  • Convenient pharmacy consultation at patient's home or on-site

  • Free prescription delivery or on-site pickup

  • Telepharmacy site and pharmacy technician in the local community and available to answer questions on-site

At OneroRx, we promote patient health and wellness through a holistic integrated approach to pharmacy patient care.

Long-term prescription usage can cause chronic health problems. For some patients, pharmacologic treatments may lead to drug-induced nutrient depletion, a potentially serious health condition requiring dietary supplements to restore nutrient deficiencies.

Our licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians consider our patients' health in a holistic manner, reviewing the safety and efficacy of current medications and recommending the most appropriate course of therapy. For patients taking multiple prescriptions, supplementary dietary and wellness products may be indicated to prevent nutrient deficiencies. To address this often-underdiagnosed need, we provide nutrients, supplements and health and beauty aids through our digital e-commerce ecosystem.

Dietary Supplements

Holistic patient care also takes into consideration the physical supplies patients need. At OneroRx, we aim to add convenience for our patients and improve medication adherence.

Our licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians consider our patients' health in a holistic manner, reviewing the complete needs for each prescription medication, and medical condition. From diabetic testing strips to insulin-coolers, bandages to crutches, we offer complete medical supply needs through our digital e-commerce ecosystem.

Medical Supplies

As a company that operates in 24 pharmacy deserts, offering accessible healthcare is at the core of OneroRx’s mission; our new service, Health on Hand telehealth, will help address the ever-growing need for accessible care.

Being a cash-only service, patients will be able to bypass insurance and get care without all the hurdles. In partnership with LivWell Clinic, telehealth consultations will cost a flat fee of $49 and are available to anyone 5 years or older, provided they are comfortable with the technology and are able to communicate their concerns clearly. HSA and FSA cards are accepted.

This service complements our relationships with providers in the communities we serve by filling in potential gaps in care and help make sure our patients are able to stay adherent to their medication regimen without extra hurdles.

Telehealth Care

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