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Community Pharmacy Opens Telepharmacy in Dunlap

May 1, 2023

West Des Moines, IA – OneroRx is pleased to announce that Community Pharmacy of Dunlap is open to serve residents of Dunlap, Iowa, and its surrounding communities. Community Pharmacy has worked closely with Dunlap Community Development Corporation (DCDC) to bring pharmacy services back to the area.

The Dunlap telepharmacy is staffed by a certified pharmacy technician who will be filling scripts received from providers; using HIPAA-compliant technology, a pharmacist reviews the prescriptions and is available promptly to meet with and counsel patients virtually. Immunization services will also now be available locally on set days by appointment. Patients will also benefit from easy access to over-the-counter products and free in-town delivery.

“OneroRx is pleased to be of service to the Dunlap community,” said Joseph Dunham, CEO and president of OneroRx. “We are dedicated to bringing pharmacy services to areas that are without care otherwise, and we believe this telepharmacy in Dunlap will have long-term benefits for the community and the surrounding area.”

OneroRx is dedicated to restoring quality, affordable pharmacy care to underserved communities. Efficient telepharmacy operations enable them to re-establish pharmacy care in these neglected markets, immediately and positively impacting community health and wellness.

“Having easy access to your healthcare is crucial, and pharmacy is part of that. It shouldn’t matter if you live in an urban setting or a rural one,” stated Dunham. “Telepharmacy allows patients to have their prescriptions filled locally and receive counseling locally, rather than having to drive miles and miles to pick up a script in the nearest urban area.”

DCDC currently owns a facility on Dunlap’s main street that was previously occupied by Burgess Health Care and Dunlap Family Pharmacy. The open house they hosted in March generated a lot of local enthusiasm for these new health services being brought back to town.

“DCDC couldn’t be more excited. We have been working since the spring of 2022 to return pharmacy services to town,” shared Jill Schaben, Executive Director of DCDC. “We knew it would not be easy, but we also knew how important it was to the community, so we designated it as a high priority and kept driving towards all potential opportunities.”

Community Pharmacy is a subsidiary of OneroRx, which is a leading regional provider of pharmacy and telepharmacy services, pharmaceutical products, supplements, and medical supplies to patients in underserved communities. OneroRx operates 56 pharmacies across five states, including eight telepharmacies, two long term care pharmacies, and a regional compounding pharmacy.



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