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Change Healthcare Cyberattack





March 13, 2024


DES MOINES, Iowa — A cyberattack occurred on February 21, 2024 to Change Healthcare which led to pharmacies and doctors’ offices across the country being unable to bill insurance providers. Change Healthcare, owned by UnitedHealth, services millions of claims each year and has access to patient data through that process.


This event came as a reminder to the healthcare sector to evaluate its cybersecurity practices and reassess their vendors’ processes to keep patient data private.


OneroRx, owner of 64 pharmacies and telepharmacies across six Midwestern states, was not affected by this event. Having changed vendors to Rx Linc a couple of months prior to the attack, their pharmacies have been able to continue operating as usual.


“We want to assure all our patients that our locations were not affected by the cyberattack with Change Healthcare outage,” said OneroRx COO and GRX Holdings President Mike Fuller, PharmD. “All of our locations use Rx Linc as our switch, NOT Change Healthcare. Our operations remain secure and our services have not experienced disruption.”


Though their switches remain stable and secure, the team at OneroRx feel for the pharmacies and hospital systems that have been impacted by the cyberattack.


“Our company mission is to provide quality, affordable pharmacy care to patients in underserved communities, and we know that so many of our fellow pharmacists have a similar passion,” said Fuller. “Needless security breaches like this impact our ability to do our job and fulfill our mission, and we never like seeing that happen, even if it’s not affecting our business or patients directly.”


OneroRx operates most of the Medicap Pharmacy locations in central Iowa and is a leading regional provider of pharmacy and telepharmacy services, pharmaceutical products, supplements, and medical supplies to patients in underserved communities. They operate 64 pharmacies across six states, including telepharmacies, specialty pharmacies, long term care pharmacies, and a regional compounding pharmacy.


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