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OneroRx Launches Telehealth Services at Select Locations

January 23, 2023

OneroRx is excited to announce the launch of Health on Hand, a new telehealth service to bring low-cost healthcare to our patients, when and where they need it. As a company that operates in 24 pharmacy deserts, offering accessible healthcare is at the core of OneroRx’s mission; Heath on Hand will help address the ever-growing need for accessible care.

Health on Hand is an easy option for patients to visit with a prescriber and address their symptoms. If a script is needed, they can choose their nearest partner pharmacy. During this pilot stage, there are currently seven pharmacies in Illinois, 21 pharmacies in Iowa, 14 pharmacies in Missouri participating. Patients can easily pick up scripts or ask for delivery.

“OneroRx is focused on staying at the forefront of healthcare in our communities, and making sure patients have access to healthcare is an important part of that,” said Joseph Dunham, CEO and president of OneroRx. “We are already known for our efficient telepharmacy operations, and we are excited to expand our digital solutions into the telehealth market.”

Being a cash-only service, patients will be able to bypass insurance and get care without all the hurdles. In partnership with Reliant Immune Diagnostics’ MDbox, telehealth consultations will cost a flat fee of $49 and are available to adults 18 years and older. No appointment is needed to start an appointment at any time, and HSA and FSA cards are accepted.

“From the financial side, cash-only telehealth makes sense for the patient and the business,” said Dunham. “With the convenience factor for patients, that they can get care 24/7/365 from the comfort of their couch instead of waiting in a waiting room, there was really no question in our minds that this was the right move for us as a company and for our community.”

OneroRx is a leading regional provider of pharmacy and telepharmacy services, pharmaceutical products, supplements, and medical supplies to patients in underserved communities. They currently operate 53 pharmacies in five states, including seven telepharmacies, two long-term-care pharmacies, and a regional compounding pharmacy.

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Company Contact:

Joseph R. Dunham II, Chairman, CEO & President


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